Tuesday, April 7, 2009


On Sunday, Sophia participated in her first Special Olympics. Her event is gymnastics. She did a floor routine, uneven bars, vault, and beam. She took a Gold Medal for her beam-so cool! Her floor routine was AWESOME. She took a bronze in that-totally deserved a gold! She got a bronzes in the other 2. The whole day was just amazing. There was no shortage of tears. Many of my family members were feeling sorry for some of the participants. As the mom of a child with DS, I have been able to move beyond that. I guess it is because I don't see their disability first. I see their ear-to-ear grin when they complete a routine, their perseverance, their joy, excitement, and pride just because they are there. These kids were all so darn cute and obviously truly loved by their families. It was a pretty cool day. In the back of my head I kept thinking I wish President Obama was here. Anyway, we are headed to the state's Special Olympics in June because Sophia won a gold!

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mishmashmosh said...

Sophie is amazing. I absolutely loved her floor routine :D Best of luck to the little girl for the next round!