Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look MOM....I got a "P"!!!

This is Sophia's first middle school report card. I find it interesting that her special ed classes are non-graded..they receive a Pass/Fail. So, she got all Ps in those. She has always wanted to receive real grades like her sister. Can't blame her there...she does work hard and the least the district can do is reward kids for supporting the district vision statement: "The District 303 School Community empowers and inspires ALL to Attain excellence, Learn with passion, and Live with integrity,in a changing world." Letter grades would go a long way towards the district reaching one of their stated goals: "Improve individual student achievement and personal growth." It's hard to measure these 2 things without grades. And how do I know that it makes a difference for Sophia??? Because of the 2 "typical" classes she takes, she received an "A" in Consumer Science and an "A+" in PE. And this made her smile from ear to ear and tell everyone she knows about her A's including people on the street. Yeah...I'd say that's excellence...and it's definitely a changing world thanks to my daughter. And my guess is that it is going to help her improve personal achievement. Not that I'm expert. But I was a student. When's the last time your kid worked really hard to get a P ?

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